Auction Schedule


Regular sales will be held each Wednesday. Wednesday Sale Times: 7:00p.m - Fed Cattle, followed by slaughter cows Bred cows- Cow/calf pairs, followed by calves & yearlings Expecting 150 Head Including 45 home raised bulls and heffers 450-500 lbs. 100-New Crop Calves-pending. Contact Ed for updates.

Commission Rate on Fed Cattle & Slaughter Cows: The commission charged on all fed cattle & slaughter cows will be a flatrate of $7.50 per head plus insurance, check off, and vet inspection, no yardage or feed will be charged on fed cattle or slaughter cows. Load in staffwill be on duty on Sundays beginning at 4:00 PM to unload your cattle.


Note: Wednesday Specials will be advertised as either a day or evening auction.
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