About Spencer Livestock Auction

For the past 8 years the Moorhead Livestock Auction has been owned by 3 partners, Ed Spencer, Randy Pryor, and Kirk Henningsen. On September 2nd, Ed Spencer Purchased the interest of the other 2 partners, and established the Spencer Livestock Auction, Inc of Moorhead, Iowa.

We will begin operations on Monday November 7th. We will now have a regular weekly sale each Monday. Focusing on Fed Cattle/Slaughter Cows at 10:00 AM and Bred Cows, calves/yearlings at 12:00 Noon. Special sales will be held on Wednesdays- A full list of our specials is available under the Auction Schedule Icon

We are in the process of doing some updating to our large pens and are in the middle of general clean up. We will be ready on Monday, November 7th.

We need your consignments of Fed Cattle, Slaughter Cows, Bred Cows, Calves and Yearlings.

We are fully aware that we have a large undertaking in our first season as full owners of the Livestock Auction at Moorhead. We are not disillusioned - We need your Business!!! - We are sincerely asking for the support of both local and regional feedlots and cow/calf operations large and small. We are aware that your support is crucial to our success and we pledge to do our very best to earn your business. We hope that steady-weekly-Monday- Fed cattle, Slaughter Cow, and cow-calf & yearling auctions will provide a market that producers can count on when they decide to market their cattle.

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